Beton is an independent graphic design studio based in three european cities. Founded and consisting of Oliver Hofmann (Vienna), Daniel Car (Salzburg) and Benjamin Buchegger (Leipzig).

We create visual identities, exhibition design, books, editorial design and websites for clients in the broad field of the cultural sector. We believe that every design solution can be found in the given problem; often this solution is not the answer to a question, but rather the proposed question itself.

The public space is an important issue for us as it allows us to play out open ideas with the relation to the observer in mind. We want the recipient to become part of the result rather than to produce hermetic work which suggests completeness. Our work situation defines our design practice as the different settings have become a welcomed challenge and have fostered development of frameworks for simple and bold ideas.

Our work has been exhibited at the International Poster Festival in Chaumont, Soiree Graphique, designforum wien and Typopassage/MQ in Vienna. We have been awarded with "100 beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz" in 2013, 2014 and 2016. In 2014 we have been awarded with "Schönste Bücher Österreichs".

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We are not offering internships at the moment but will look through your application if sent in.

Our website is under constant construction.

Beck und Eggeling, Düsseldorf
BFW Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald
Conne Island, Leipzig
Deutsches Literaturinstitut, Leipzig
Falter Verlag, Wien
Grassi Museum für angewandte Kunst, Leipzig
HGB Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig
Inspire Learning Institute
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg
KiWi Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Köln
Künstlerhaus Salzburg
MAK Museum für Angewandte Kunst/Gegenwartskunst, Wien
MMKoehn Verlag, Leipzig
Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Nationalparks Austria
Salzburg Museum
smac Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz
Smart City Wien
Stadtgalerie Salzburg
Stadt Schwandorf
Stadt Wien
Szene Salzburg
tga | typographische gesellschaft austria, Wien
Theater an der Rott
TU Wien
V-A-C Foundation, Moscow