Beton is a graphic design studio focusing on the creation of books, visual identities, and exhibitions in the broad field of the cultural sector. We mostly do printed matter. Our approach is defined by our continuous cooperation in shifting environments. We create simple and bold ideas. We build frameworks and work for simple solutions. Our working condition defines our practice by making difficult contexts managable. The three of us live in three different european cities:

Benjamin Buchegger lives in Leipzig where he also studied. He is Meisterschüler of Michael Riedel.

Daniel Car studied in Vienna and later on moved back to his hometown Salzburg where he lives and works.

Oliver Hofmann lives in Vienna where he studied. Next to Beton he works as an illustrator for various magazines and is involved in a sideproject named Ruckspiel, concerned with the relationship of football and graphic design.

Our work has been exhibited at the International Poster Festival in Chaumont, Soiree Graphique, designforum wien and Typopassage/MQ. We have been awarded with "100 beste Plakate Deutschland Österreich Schweiz" in 2013, 2014 and 2016. In 2014 we have been awarded with "Schönste Bücher Österreichs".

We are not offering any internships at the moment but will look through your application if sent in.

Please get in contact with us via