100 Best Posters 2016

Poster campaign for 2017th annual "100 best Posters of Austria Germany and Switzerland" exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.

As also also being part of the exhibition we were happy to develop a poster series which actually questions the event and the purpose of poster design. We developed three arrogant and vain posters. The approach was to reflect upon the medium in public space and on different strategies of distinction. The posters say:
I’m with stupid

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2.5.0. Object is Meditation and Poetry

Poster and orientation for the aniversary exhibitaion of "Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig" at the musuem of applied art in Leipzig. Designed and implemented in collaboration with Jaroslaw Kubiak and Markus Dreßen.

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Art is Nonvisual

Artist monograph for Viennese artist Heribert Friedl published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg.
Honored as „One of the most beautiful books from Austria 2014“

Heribert Friedls work is hard to capture in images, just as the book states. You can touch it, rub it, smell it. But most of the time you can hardly see it. The book refers to this act of leaving things out. It’s visual appearance is subtle, to perceive it you have to take it into your hands. The book is sectioned into one conceptual, text-based part, where images step in to the background and one more image-based part for smaller works.

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Beyond Visual Range

Conception and design of an artist's publication for Mikhail Tolmachev. Implemented in collaboration with Christian Hofer. "Beyond Visual Range" was a large scale artistic intervention in the "Central Armed Forces Museum" in Moscow in 2014.

The publication was an attempt to translate the exhibition into book form on the basis of the architecture of the museum, trying to understand the museum as a medium. Each installation of the artist was treated in the book, within a strict structure, for itself. Narrative solutions always referred to the respective room and the work developed for it. The entry into the book are images of the museum, the photos were rigorously cut to sharpen the view of the institution and to challenge the semblance of objectivity. The subtle intervention within the museum is mirrored by a subtle mix of material – different weights of paper and a hidden part of dialogue. It comes with a German supplement.

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Ortloff, Leipzig, 2015

Il Secolo XXI

Publication for an exhibition of Heidi Speckers photography class from Leipzig and Bernhard Prinz' class for experimental photography from Kassel. Image editing and installation shot by Christian Schwarzenberg

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Poster for an exhibition of Ingo Mellers painting class at HBG Leipzig in Luzern, Switzerland.
Honored as one of the "100 Best Posters 16 Germany Austria Switzerland"

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Marion Ermer Preis

Identity and catalogue for the art award "Marion Ermer Preis" in collaboration with Paul Bowler.

We developed a design framework which would allow the honorees to participate in the design process. Marion Ermer Preis was the first and is the most distinguished art award in the former GDR part of Germany. In 2016 the award was hosted in Leipzig for the first time. We conceived and designed four catalogues (one for each prize winner) in a slipcase, as well as posters and invitation cards.
There was no corporate design given in any way and neither did we want to produce one. However, we still wanted to suggest a kind of identity that would hold the event together visually as long it lasted and would stand for its own in what was to follow. We thus developed a set of rules which would allow the artists to take part in designing there book jackets. We designed the ephemera under the same conditions. The rules were: choose a background color and an image which fits the purpose. The typography frames these elements. We went on to use rather banal images of art/exhibition clichés. 

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Skifahren in Ostösterreich

"Skifahren in Ostösterreich" is a guide for skiing in the east of Austria, which is not primarly known for its "big" ski resorts . Published by Falter Verlag, Vienna.

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Sommerszene 2017

Identity and campain for the international performance art festival "Sommerszene" in Salzburg.

For this years iteration we developed a campaign which proposed questions to the public. Simple yes-and-no-questions, such as: Have you ever been in China? Are you a coward? Are you playing the piano? Do you ride the bike? …
The questions we installed on a bridge in Salzburg and in the inner city. To that the posters for the festival said Yes! and No!  Firstly, these questions ask how one performs in society and how his or her fragments of performances are put together. One may answer one question positive and the other negative. It also questions this dualistic thinking, how can one answer these questions easily? Is a society really programmed that simple? Yes! No!
The topic of programming is reflected on by using the typeface Amelia, a typeface design by Stanley Davis in 1965. It's design superficially resembles MICR encoding, which was developed to be read by computers. The technology allows MICR readers to scan and read the information directly into a data-collection device. Amelia was MICRs hippy sister (used for the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Artwork).

Environmental photos by Bernhard Müller.

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Theater an der Rott

Identity and campaign for the season 2017/2018 at Theater an der Rott. In collaboration with studiosteinwender.

Due to economical reasons, both financial and the scope of work, we developed a very simple, easy to be implemented graphic system of black type on white surface. For the posters the white backround functions as a stage for the bold letters which perform each piece individually. Repetition takes a major role.

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Tippgemeinschaft 2014

Book, poster and postcards for the years anthology of the german Literaturinstitut. In collaboration with Jaroslaw Kubiak.

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Unseen Science

DVD packaging for the audiovisual project "Unseen Science | See Aural Woods" by Luma.Launisch and Takamovsky.

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Zwickl 2015

Identity for the documentary film festival "Zwickl" in Schwandorf, Germany.
Honored as one of the "100 Best Posters 15 Germany Austria Switzerland"

#2015 #Red #Poster